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Founded in 1978 by its current owners, the Araújo Irmãos Lda is an exporting company, distinguished by its quality, recognized by major customers and global brands.

Constant innovation and sustainable development are the watchwords of this self-sufficient company. Equipped with knitting, Cutting/sewing, printing, dyeing and laundry/wash (garment dyeing/wash), the company is able to transform raw materials in high-end clothing, offering a superior quality to the final product.

The company has also, a different attitude in relation to their employees promoting a constant training, creating this way a dynamic staff. This company is also aware of the social impact that represents to the environment in which it operates, that’s why Araújo Irmãos Lda has created spaces specifically dedicated to their employees in order to a better and more dignified work environment.

In this company, ecology and safe environment also has a significant weight. Equipped with ultra-modern processing equipment, such as, Sewage Treatment Plant (STP), nature is being preserved to the maximum, because the company can reclaim 70% of treated water on their premises and reduce the costs.

The whole company area is surrounded by a beautiful garden that give a more harmonious and young environment the business premises. It also have small green spaces inside the company renewing the air and freshness.

The Araújo Irmãos Lda is developing an individual project for Research and Technological Development, funded by the COMPETE. The project is called "Development of a young multifunctional smart clothing line. The project has as its strategic partner the University of Minho.

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